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Tuesday, July 7th to Wednesday, September 30th

Please join us in an online, open forum on telehealth. NCB is providing an opportunity for clinicians to ask each other questions, share observations and adapted telehealth protocols for the SoT population via an online forum and technical exchange. This conversation will be a forum for peer-led informational exchange. NCB staff will assist in facilitating and monitoring the conversation.

Directions: Please watch Eugene Augusterfer’s presentation and interview Telemedicine in Mental Health first. Then feel free to join us in this open forum. All are welcome to join this forum, whether you have an account on or not. For more information on using the forum, please read the directions on the first post. Please keep your comments respectful, relevant, factual, and do not share identifying information about clients per client privacy and HIPAA regulations. This forum will be open from July 6, 2020 through September 30, 2020.

America's Illicit Affair with Torture

Talk by Dr. David Luban given at the 5th annual symposium of the National Consortium of Torture Treatment Centers, on February 13th, 2013, in Washington, DC.

Dr. Luban is University Professor and Professor of Law and Philosophy at Georgetown University, with an extensive background in international criminal law and legal ethics.  His writing includes more than 150 articles on international criminal law, moral and legal philosophy, professional ethics, law and literature, just war theory, and issues surrounding the U.S. “war on terrorism.” He has testified before both houses of the U.S. Congress on the torture debate. For more on Dr. Luban, see his Georgetown bio page.

The National Consortium of Torture Treatment Programs (NCTTP) is a non-profit, U.S. based network of 34 programs which exists to advance the knowledge, technical capacities and resources devoted to the care of torture survivors living in the United States and acts collectively to prevent torture worldwide.

Talk by Dr. David Luban given at the 5th annual symposium of the National Consortium of Torture Treatment Centers, on February 13th, 2013, in Washington, DC.


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Asylum Seekers Thank You

Emily Good of The Advocates for Human Rights describes how grateful asylum seekers are to their pro bono legal representatives.

Thank you for the work you are doing!


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Chasing Freedom

Fictional film about a pro bono lawyer taking her first asylum case (reluctantly) and the emotional impact it has on the attorney & the client. (2003, 88 min.) New and used copies available from and other retailers. Also available for rent through iTunes for a small fee.


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Frequently Asked Questions from Adjudicators

Panel discussion with Karen Grisez, Stuart Lustig, and David Gangsei. The panel addresses questions from adjudicators about mental health evaluations of torture survivors seeking asylum.

Recorded live at the 2011 National Capacity Building training institute, Torture Survivors Seeking Asylum: the Intersection of Forensic Mental Health Evaluation & Legal Representation.

Additional related resources may be found on

This video is slightly over one hour in length.


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Introduction to Legal Training Resources

Emily Good from the Advocates for Human Rights provides an introduction to the training resources available for lawyers serving asylum seekers. These resources can be found here:

This video is approximately 4 minutes long.

This legal training section has been compiled through the combined efforts of Emily Good, former Director of the Refugee & Immigrant Program of The Advocates for Human Rights; Regina Germain, author of AILA's Asylum Primer: A Practical Guide to U.S. Asylum Law and Procedure and former Legal Director of Rocky Mountain Survivors Center; and participants in the National Capacity Building Project's 2011 institute: Torture Survivors Seeking Asylum: The Intersection of Forensic Mental Health Evaluation and Legal Representation.


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Professional Wellness and Stress Management


David Gangsei presents on self care for those who serve survivors of torture. The presentation is especially for those working in the legal field, but is relevant to many disciplines.

This video is approximately 20 minutes long.


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