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For Torture Survivors and Their Families

You are not alone.

Many people have been hurt by armies, clans, gangs, and people from the government. These events can cause physical and emotional pain or problems for many years. There is help. Thousands of torture survivors have recovered from their trauma and lead very productive lives.

If you have had harmful things done to you during war or by government officials, you may:

These are just some problems torture survivors experience. There are many other ways torture changes people. If you are a survivor of torture and have any of these problems—or any other related problems– you can get help.

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Get Help Where You Need It

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Taking Care of Yourself After Traumatic Events

While we may not be able to control the things that cause us stress or bad feelings, we can find ways to manage those feelings. These activities cannot replace a professional, but they can help you feel better.

Mental Health Care and Abuse Resources