Mental Health Evaluators

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This book is a starting point for professionals who work with torture treatment centers, such as: therapists, social workers, attorneys, nurses, physicians, and administrators. This book can be read in its entirety, or the professional can read the areas pertinent to specific disciplines. By reaching out to members of torture treatment programs in the United States, the reader should be able to build a network services, either community-wide or within an agency, to better meet the needs of their clients. Strong efforts are needed to sustain and to improve the provision of resources to aid in the rehabilitation of survivors. Of equal importance are the steps taken at all levels to uphold human rights and to prevent torture worldwide. We hope this guide is helpful to you as you join the rehabilitation movement on behalf of survivors of torture.

Introduction to Training for Mental Health Professionals Evaluating Torture Survivors for Asylum Claims

Lisa Matos from HealthRight International provides an introduction to the training resources available for mental health professionals serving as evaluators for asylum seekers. These resources can be found here:

This video is slightly less than 2 minutes long.

This mental health evaluator training section has been compiled through the combined efforts of Lisa Matos, Project Director of the Human Rights Clinic of HealthRight International, and participants in the National Capacity Building Project's 2011 institute: Torture Survivors Seeking Asylum: The Intersection of Forensic Mental Health Evaluation and Legal Representation.


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