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Fundamentals of Providing Services to Torture Survivors eLearning Series

This series has been funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) to provide staff at ORR-funded torture treatment programs, and other professionals, with a basic foundation in the knowledge and skills required to provide effective services to torture survivors. The lessons are directed toward staff members who are recently hired or new to working with torture survivors and are currently providing direct services to torture survivors.

Each lesson:

We strongly suggest completing Core Concepts & Eligibility Requirements first so you have a foundation of knowledge to draw from for the additional lessons. Certificates of Completion are available for these courses, please see our Guide to learn more. ELearning times are listed at the beginning of each lesson page so you can plan your time accordingly. 

To access these eLearning lessons you must be signed into your account as either a member or an eLearning Subscriber. If you are not a member, please request membership for access.

Legal Services – This lesson module is currently under revision. NCB will issue a notification upon completion of the process. Thank you for your patience. For any questions please contact the website administrator, Sara Bracewell, at NCB.

Technology Note:

Certificates of Completion for these lessons are now done online. Please see our Guide for how to complete the lesson properly to receive the certificate in your profile. You will need to complete each lesson and achieve a score of 80% or greater on the assessment.

If you experience technical difficulties that you cannot resolve, please contact Sara Bracewell, at NCB.