Fundamentals of Providing Services to Torture Survivors eLearning

Fundamentals of Providing Services to Torture Survivors eLearning Series  has been funded by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) to provide staff at ORR-funded torture treatment programs, and other professionals, with a basic foundation in the knowledge and skills required to provide effective services to torture survivors. The lessons are directed toward staff members who are recently hired or new to working with torture survivors and are currently providing direct services to torture survivors.

Each lesson:

  • Is designed to give you information and resources to effectively serve your clients
  • Is designed to be taken at your own pace when you have time
  • Can be taken independently of the other lessons
  • Can be completed in one to two hours
  • Provides you with valuable post-lesson resources for further study
  • Includes closed captioning

We strongly suggest completing Core Concepts & Eligibility Requirements first so you have a foundation of knowledge to draw from for the additional lessons. Your Certificate of Completion will be sent to you via e-mail within seven business days of passing the lesson assessment with a score of 80% or greater. eLearning times are listed at the beginning of each lesson page so you can plan your time accordingly. 

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Technology Note:

These lessons were updated on September 10, 2021 with closed captioning and to fix techical issues users had reported; and again on September 30, 2020 they were published without Flash, so technical issues should be greatly reduced.

If you experience technical difficulties that you cannot resolve, please contact Sara Bracewell, at NCB.

Lessons available:

Core Concepts and Eligibility Requirements (complete first)

Cultural Competence

Working With Interpreters

Self Care

Medical Services

Legal Services - This lesson module is currently under revision. NCB will issue a notification upon completion of the process. Thank you for your patience. For any questions please contact the website administrator, Sara Bracewell, at NCB.

Social Services

Holistic Care Planning

Mental Health Services

Introduction to Program Evaluation

Course Developers:

The content was developed by a curriculum planning team of service providers drawn from NCB-eligible programs for torture survivors and encompassing diverse aspects of service delivery. They were David Gangsei, PhD (Coordinator and Core Concepts); Denise Ziya Berte, PhD with Margaret Lee Higgins, PsyD (Cultural Competence); Crystal Green, PhD, LMFT (Working with Interpreters); Regina Germain, Esq. (Legal Services); Sondra Crosby, MD with Michael Grodin, MD (Medical Services); Mary Fabri, PsyD with David Kinzie, MD (Mental Health); Heather Tracey, MSW, LISW (Social Services; Eva M. Solomonson, MSW, LISW (Holistic Care Planning); Amber Gray, MPH, MA, LPCC, ADTR, NCC (Self Care); Dr. Jennifer Esala, PhD and Mirah Lake.