The National Capacity Building Project offers a range of e-learning courses for your benefit. These include:

  • a new standalone e-learning of the Fundamentals of Providing Services to Torture Survivors course. Four lessons are available in 2017, with the remaining 5 lessons being rolled out during FY18. 
  • a new e-learning course on Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research, developed in collaboration with CVT's Partners in Trauma Healing (PATH) project.The PMER series addresses common data collection and evaluation issues among SOT programs that prevent them from reporting more high quality client data. The course is designed for staff that conduct evaluation but who may not be formally trained in Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E). We designed 5 course modules that explore the elements of PMER. 
  • four Measured Impact Webinars per year, which will, like all of our webinars, be live events that are recorded and shared on this website. We will also continue to expand on the resources and curricula available on this website.