The National Capacity Building Project offers a range of e-learning courses for your benefit. These include:

The original blended-learning Fundamentals course was developed in a way that limits participation in order to facilitate trust, community development, and meaningful interactions between participants and the instructor. To be able to provide this important training to refugee service providers, we plan to create nine standalone e-learning modules out of selected content from Fundamentals and then house them on HealTorture.org so they become available to an unlimited number of learners, accessible at any time and in any order. 

The e-learning course on Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research (PMER) addresses common data collection and evaluation issues among SOT programs that prevent them from reporting more high quality client data. The course is designed for staff that conduct evaluation but who may not be formally trained in Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E). We designed 5 course modules that explore the elements of PMER.