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The National Consortium of Torture Treatment Programs (NCTTP), held its 16th Annual Research Symposium on March 18, 2024 as a hybrid event. The theme of the Symposium was “Forced Migration: Global Stressors – Domestic Implications.” Some of the presenters were willing for their presentations from the symposium to be recorded and posted on this website and NCTTP’s site. As presenters approve their recording to be posted this series page will be updated. Some presenters chose not to record as they may be waiting for the publication of their research or other reasons. To view the presentations available, please click on the yellow cards at the bottom of the page, each card is a separate presentation.

Purpose of this symposium

The objective of the symposium is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of original research and/or systematic literature review among professionals working in clinical services, involved in public policy, or conducting research with survivors of state sponsored
torture. This symposium is directed to physicians, psychologists, social workers, physical therapists, journalists, human rights advocates, political scientists, and lawyers in disciplines such as medicine, psychology, social work, case management, epidemiology, human rights, and justice and reparation.

The number of forcibly displaced people across the globe, and the intensity of their suffering, is approaching levels we have not seen before in our lifetimes. Effective responses that promote healing and respect for human rights are needed now, more than ever. The NCTTP Symposium still focuses on research and therapeutic interventions geared toward the effective treatment of survivors of torture, but we hope to extend our call for papers to other disciplines and domains that are impacted by the increase in forced migrants in our communities (i.e., legal, economic, educational, social, and political). Insights and experiences from both the international and domestic realms will be considered, as we try to navigate the increasingly complex array of stressors and challenges facing these survivors.

The sixteenth NCTTP’s Annual Research Symposium, which is associated with the Consortium’s annual national meeting, provides an opportunity to present and discuss our research endeavors and challenges. Since March 2009, the NCTTP has bolstered its annual
meeting in Washington, DC with an annual scientific symposium. Jose Quiroga and Abdallah Boumediene volunteered to be the initial organizers, and Dr. Quiroga has continued in that role since then.

This 2024 full-day symposium was a hybrid structure with some participants attending in-person in Washington, DC and others attending virtually. The program includes presentations by NCTTP members, a keynote speaker, and a panel discussion.

Learning Objectives