Promoting Safety with our Clients e-consultation

This e-consultation is the second part of a Measured Impact Webinar; it is part of the National Capacity Building project series of webinars. It was presented on January 25, 2017 and features Nancy Murakami and John Wilkinson of the Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture.


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Wednesday, 25 January 2017


This e-consultation follows the webinar on Promoting Safety with our Clients. See that webinar for many additional resources, learning objectives, etc.


The following resources pertain to topics that came up during the online consultation.

Northwest Refugee and Immigrant Health Coalition

Sanctuary cities

Sanctuary campuses: This map shows colleges that have petitioned to protect vulnerable populations.

The FOIA website describes how to make a request for records from a federal agency.

One example of client outreach & "Know your rights" education is from IICONN, which has begun hosting community forums for unity and understanding, which are open to clients and the public. The first installment was the week after the elections, so people could voice their concerns and ask questions to one of our attorneys and BIA representatives. The second installment was the night of the e-consultation, 1/25/17, with the theme "Know Your Rights". All are welcome.

Safe spaces:

Partnerships for Trauma Recovery did a campaign called Our Response: Creating Safe Space for Refugees.

Safe Space toolkit


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