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Original Publication Date: June 25, 2020
Last Updated: February 16, 2023
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Below are some tele-health software and tips shared with us by a variety of different organizations through various channels including NCB’s Advisory Group and our listserv. Please check your state and local regulations and verify any information before moving forward with any platform. If you would like to share information with us to post, please email Ann Lundberg, NCB Logistics and Communications Coordinator, at [email protected].

Please keep in mind when doing a session with a client to ask them if they are in a room alone or if they have anyone present with them and see if they can go to a seperate room for the session.

A resource that may be helpful for clinicians implementing telemedicine services is the Telehealth Implementation Quick Guide, which was produced by a cross-National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) working group, national subject matter experts, and field practitioners. (Posted 6/25/2020)

Software listed on the Office for Civil Rights (OCR)) Enforcement Announcement are listed below:

According to the notice some of these listed may provide HIPAA-compliant video communication products and they will enter into a HIPAA BAA:

Information on Teletherapy Software shared by Program for Torture Victims (PTV) (click here for pdf version):


V-See Clinic

Zoom Healthcare version

Simple Practice

Dr. Chrono





Blink Session

Microsoft Office 365 and Skype

Below platforms mentioned by New England Survivors of Torture and Trauma, NESTT:

Other software being used by SOT programs:

Below are some questions that have been asked by programs via our listserv.

If you have any answers for these questions or questions of your own please contact Ann Lundberg at at [email protected].

If you have any other software to suggest, answers for these questions, or questions of your own please use the comment section below or contact Ann Lundberg at at [email protected].

Information on Tele-Therapy Reguations

Additional Resources