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Mental Health Resources for Afghan refugee arrivals from Center for Victims of Torture

Original Publication Date: September 22, 2021
Last Updated: February 12, 2023
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At a clinic in St. Paul, MN CVT is planning to provide “Level 1 Groups,” similar to the CVT International Services Group Counseling model, with some addaptations. CVT also has consulted with UHHR, which serves Afghan clients. More information on the model:

Restoring Hope and Dignity: Manual for Group CounselingCVT’s Restoring Hope and Dignity manual describes CVT’s group counseling model and contains detailed principles, instructions and exercises. The model described in this manual is intended for use in humanitarian or low-resourced settings with individuals who are experiencing marked distress and reduced daily function due to having experienced extreme stress related to war, torture or human rights violations. The specialized therapeutic intervention outlined in this manual is a 10-session group counseling model that should be delivered by trained local counselors who are receiving ongoing clinical supervision and training. Click to request the manual.

A few addtional resources:  

Additional Resources