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Restorative and Integrative Survivor Empowerment Program (RISE)

Services Provided
Legal Services, Medical Services, Mental Health Services, Social Services
Referral Information

Asylee Women Enterprise: Fill out an online referral form.

Asylee Women Enterprise (AWE) in collaboration with HEAL Refugee and Asylum Collaborative (HEAL) and the Intercultural Counseling Connection (the Connection) provides comprehensive services to survivors of torture and their families to help restore health, community, agency, and economic well-being, while also enhancing local and national capacity to address the long-term, complex needs of survivors.

RISE is not a member of the National Consortium of Torture Treatment Programs.

Do you have to be a survivor of torture to be eligible for your services?

No – we also serve other asylum seekers, survivors of human trafficking, and other forced migrants pursuing a humanitarian immigration status who are not survivors of torture.

If someone is not eligible for your services do you assist with local referrals?


Expanded details of program’s services

Asylee Women Enterprise: Trauma-informed comprehensive case management for asylum seekers and survivors of trafficking, public benefits assistance, immigration legal services, in-kind material support (food, diapers, clothing, hygiene items, household items), community connection through Day Program classes and activities, and limited emergency transitional housing.

HEAL Refugee Health & Asylum Collaborative: Through innovative partnerships and education, the HEAL Refugee Health & Asylum Collaborative expands access to responsive health care and supportive services for immigrant survivors of torture and trauma seeking refuge in the US. Specific services provided include pro bono forensic evaluations for individuals seeking humanitarian protection, primary health care, mental health care, and peer support groups.


Intercultural Counseling Connection: The Intercultural Counseling Connection provides pro bono, culturally responsive therapeutic services for asylum seekers, refugees, and other trauma-affected forced migrants living in Maryland. The Connection offers individual and group therapy services, provided by clinical staff and through a volunteer network of mental health professionals.