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Libertas Center for Human Rights of Elmhurst Hospital

Services Provided
Legal Services, Medical Services, Mental Health Services, Social Services
Referral Information

Please fill out our Libertas Center Referral Form online, email our Social Worker Ashley Mitchell, [email protected] and copy our Clinical Director Walter Fendrich, [email protected], or call 718-334-6209. Here is a link to our Resources for Clients page.

The Libertas Center for Human Rights, Elmhurst Hospital provides comprehensive services to survivors of torture, including medical, mental, legal and social services. and legal support. It is located at Elmhurst Hospital Center, Queens, New York. For more information on our partners please see our website for more information.

Libertas is a member of the National Consortium of Torture Treatment Programs.

If someone is not eligible for your services do you assist with local referrals?


Key Partners in Direct Care (Please send referrals to healing center first)

We have multiple partners with whom we collaborate closely for social and legal service referrals, The link is listed above.