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Carolina Survivor Clinic

Services Provided
Legal Services, Medical Services, Mental Health Services, Social Services
Referral Information

Please call our general number to establish a referral or fax to 803- 540-1079. Please include patient’s name, email, phone number, and any prior medical records including vaccinations, labwork, and clinic notes.

The Carolina Survivor Clinic is a comprehensive, holistic model of care for survivors of torture and the more general refugee community in South Carolina. Patients establish care with primary care doctors also trained in Infectious Diseases, and connected to therapeutic services, medication, and community activities including tutoring for children and English language classes.

Do you have to be a survivor of torture to be eligible for your services?

No! We also see the general refugee community.

If someone is not eligible for your services do you assist with local referrals?


Expanded details of program’s services

  • Medical – Initial exams for newly arrived refugees, longitudinal primary care, treatment of advanced infectious and tropical disease including tuberculosis and viral hepatitis, health education sessions and updates for local community and individuals, home visits for acute medical issues, medication home delivery, vaccination education and access programs, concierge 24hour access to personal physician phone numbers, hormone therapy for transgender clients, PREP care for high risk patients, HIV management and counseling
  • Legal – assistance with vaccination and paperwork for immigration paperwork, support and representation for USCIS applications, N648 assessments and submission, connection to pro-bono attorneys
  • Social Services – Case manager assignment with assistance obtaining insurance and citizenship, assistance with navigating medical expenses, assistance obtaining employment, LGBTQ+ connection to resources, English language tutoring with one on one practice with native English speakers, after school tutoring and scholastic soccer program with one on one tutors to assist with STEM and reading as well as encourage fitness and team building
  • Mental Health – trauma-based therapy and medical management, connection to longitudinal therapist care, women’s support group sessions with community building