Alison Beckman, MSW, LICSW

Ms. Beckman, MSW, LICSW, is the Project Manager/Clinical Supervisor (since 2013) for the Center for Victims of Torture  project entitled:  Healing Hearts, Creating Hope; Exploring the Efficacy of Integrated Mental Health Services for New Refugees. 

Previous to this position, she provided psychological evaluation and treatment services to survivors of torture in group and individual capacities in Minnesota (since 1/04) and served as clinical supervisor to mental health case managers (since 10/10). Her past experience in a variety of programs within CVT: From 2000-2002, Ms. Beckman was Clinical Social Work Fellow. In 2003, was a member of the mental health services team in Guinea; she served as a trainer/supervisor to Sierra Leonean and Liberian paraprofessional psychosocial counselors. From 2005-2007, Ms. Beckman worked with the National Capacity Building team; she served as project manager for a research institute and completed an online project management course.  From 2005-2010, Ms. Beckman managed the Minnesota Training Program to educate health care providers, social workers and school staff to recognize and heal the wounds of torture and war.   In 2010, she developed an e-learning training curriculum, Tools for trauma recovery, for Cambodian health professionals.


Presentations & publications: