Aaron Acharya

Founder, Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA)

Aaron Acharya founded the Association of Bhutanese in America in 2007 and served as its Executive Director for seven years. The ABA is a community association of Bhutanese in the U.S. that serves the needs of Bhutanese in this country. ABA runs the Bhutanese Community Program in Maryland in collaboration with the International Rescue Committee, helping to resettle Bhutanese refugee women. Mr. Acharya served as the Project Manager of the Human Rights Clinic at HealthRight International for eight years, planning and conducting training for HRC volunteers who provided forensic evaluations, affidavits and testimony for torture survivors seeking asylum in the United States. Mr. Acharya has also worked for human rights and with refugees in Nepal and Bhutan.

Presentations & publications: