St. Louis Partnership for Survivors of Torture

Operated by Bilingual International Assistant Services (BIAS), this partnership, now in its 15th year of providing services to the most vulnerable immigrant and refugee populations in the St. Louis area, supports a holistic, established, integrated care program for survivors of state-sanctioned torture in the greater St. Louis area.  With in-house legal, counseling, case management, and an attached psychiatrist, this free-standing program continues to help the region's survivors heal and find footholds in St. Louis.  Despite lower refugee resettlement numbers, secondary migration has resulted in an increased flow of referrals for services over the past year.  BIAS is a proud member of the NCTTP and currently serves on the NCB Advisory Group.  BIAS has several large partnership events planned for FY20 including a commemoration of the Rwandan Genocide (June 26) and participation in an Opioid Task Force addressing usage and overdoses in the city's large Bosnian community.


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