Marjorie Kovler Center, a program of Heartland Alliance International

The Marjorie Kovler Center for the Treatment of Survivors of Torture is a program of The Heartland Alliance in Chicago, Illinois. Kovler Center is one of the first torture treatment centers in the United States. Since 1987, Kovler Center has provided integrated, high-quality mental health, medical, and social services to survivors of politically-sanctioned torture and their families. A volunteer network of professionals provides psychotherapeutic and physical rehabilitation treatment services to survivors of torture. In addition to transforming the lives of individuals recovering from the complex consequences of politically-sanctioned torture, Kovler Center also trains and educates service providers locally and globally and advocates for the end of torture worldwide.

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The Marjorie Kovler Center program summary

They have also recently launched the Kovler Center Child Trauma Program which will expand our reach to serve immigrant and refugee children who have experienced trauma as a result of war, terrorism, forced migration, family separation, state sponsored torture, and resettlement.  


1331 West Albion Avenue
Chicago, IL 60626

NCTTP Member: 


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Phone Number: 

Referral Information: 

To refer, please email or call us at 773.381.4070

Services Provided: 

  • Medical Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Social Services

Expanded details of program’s services: 

We see survivors of torture, but we have other two programs specialized in UA Children, and migrants; Our other program is Family Services that provides psychosocial support groups to migrants, refugees, and Survivors of Torture.

  • Mental Health: Psychotherapy, counseling, psychosocial support groups
  • Medical: Primary care, psychiatric services
  • Alternative Therapies: Massage therapy, Acupuncture, cranial-sacral therapy, yoga, body movement, some forms of art therapy. Occupational Therapy, psychosocial support activities.
  • Legal: We do not provide direct legal services, only referrals to legal partners, although we provide medical forensic documentation as well as Psychological forensic exams 
  • Social Services: Specialized Case Management; advocacy for befits; interpretation and translation for our participants, ESL, and Tutoring.

Key Partners in Direct Care (Please send referrals to healing center first): 

  • For ESL formal classes our main partner is Truman College, a part of City Colleges of Chicago.
  • For medical Services we have a key partner, Heartland Alliance Health.

If someone is not eligible for your services do you assist with local referrals?: