All of our activities aim to facilitate knowledge-sharing among the community that supports torture survivors, in ways that range from formal events and consultations to e-learning opportunities to casual networking and discussion. In this section, we specifically want to share the more informal opportunities for knowledge-sharing with and between professionals: a quarterly digest, a discussion listserv, and this website. 

Quarterly Digest

Our quarterly digests are intended for all refugee survivor-serving organizations. These digests feature in-depth news and information related to torture rehabilitation, holistic sustainability, and integrated care. These digests will be distributed directly via email, and will be shared on this website. You can sign up for the digest and mailing list here. We also use this digest list to inform of upcoming webinars and training information, as well as other important technical updates. Below are a few of our previous digests:

To view a list of our previous digests, click here.

Discussion Listserv (Google Group)

Heal_torture_talk is a low-traffic, high-value email-based discussion listserv for professionals serving survivors of torture. HealTorture-Talk is a Google Group that is open to all staff working in programs for torture survivors who are either ORR/TVRA grantees, members of the National Consortium of Torture Treatment Programs (NCTTP), or  ORR/TVRA staff.  It is also open to staff at ORR-funded programs, beyond those funded under the TVRA, who see survivors of torture in their work. It is sponsored by the National Capacity-building Project and funded by ORR/TVRA funds. Subscribers may be clinical or non-clinical staff. 

Its purpose is to facilitate cooperation and information-sharing among programs serving torture survivors, promote best practices, and provide quicker access to people with relevant interests and experiences. You can sign up for the listserv here. We strongly encourage you to post to the listserv to share research, resources, or opportunities that you have found, and ask questions of your colleagues in the field. Some members of the listserv have been working in torture treatment for more than 35 years; the wealth of expertise available is immense.

HealTorture Website was created in 2009 to serve as a resource to all who serve survivors of torture.  While 99% of the resources on are available to all without need to log in, we still encourage you to sign up for an account on the website to access member-only content, post comments (signed in or not) on resources that you find here, and of course, share the website widely with your colleagues. We are always grateful to hear suggestions or requests for new content, and strive to continually improve and update the site to serve your needs.

You can also email us at HealTorture if you have any questions about any of these knowledge-sharing tools.