Healing centers

There are Healing Centers in the United States and in other countries of the world. Please review the Domestic and International maps to learn more about Healing Centers or to find a Healing Center near you.

Features & News

The Healing Power of Friendship

By CVT Intern Joseph Walker

“From the depths of despair, loss of hope, separation from family, fears of being rejected for asylum and being sent back to dangerous environments, to hope, confidence and joy.” This is how Ben Kohler describes the changes he sees in the clients he volunteers with.

Healing By Nature

By CVT Intern Joseph Walker

“The Garden of Healing at the Center for Victims of Torture symbolizes our mission: hope, healing and renewal,” says Holly Ziemer, CVT’s Director of Communications. “Plants, like people, go through cycles that present challenges and opportunities.

Privilege and Giving Back

by Valerie Thompson, CVT volunteer

Lisa Matos of HealthRight International is privileged and she will tell you so. She will also tell you that it is this sense of being fortunate that drives her to work for others.

“I was a privileged immigrant,”