Epidemiology and Prevalence of Torture Survivors

Somali and Oromo Refugees: Correlates of Torture and Trauma History

This article, by Jim Jaranson (associated with the Center for Victims of Torture) and others, studies Somali and Ethiopian (Oromo) refugees in Minnesota to determine torture prevalence and associated problems. This study highlights the need to recognize torture in African refugees, especially women, identify indicators of posttraumatic stress in torture survivors, and provide additional resources to care for tortured refugees.


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Torture survivors: What to ask, how to document

Miles, Steven H; and Garcia-Peltoniemi, Rosa.

Excellent article for medical practitioners who may not realize that they are treating torture survivors with tips on how to proceed. "In this article, we propose an approach—based on studies that address cross-cultural issues or use multicenter, multivariate, meta-analytic methods—that can enable you to better identify survivors of torture, assess and document consequent morbidities, and refer them to appropriate treatment programs. We focus on individuals who were tortured months or years earlier rather than on recently traumatized patients."

Article reproduced with permission from "Torture Survivors, What to Ask, How to Document", The Journal of Family Practice, April 2012, Volume 61, No. 04, E1-E5, Quadrant HealthCom Inc.


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