Doctors who torture, preventing torture, and the plight of detained torture survivors in the U.S.


The impact of detention on the health of asylum seekers

By Keller AS, Ford D, Sachs E, Rosenfeld B, Trinh-Shevrin C, Meserve C, Leviss JA, Singer E, Smith H, Wilkinson J, Kim G, Allden K, Rockline P. Published in the Journal of Ambulatory Care Management. 2003 Oct-Dec;26(4):383-5.

Asylum seekers arriving in the United States are often imprisoned for months or years while their asylum claims are processed. Recently, Physicians for Human Rights and the Bellevue/New York University Program for Survivors of Torture released the findings of the first systematic study examining the health of detained asylum seekers.

Tortured & Detained: Survivor Stories of U.S. Immigration Detention

Report by CVT in partnership with the Torture Abolition and Survivor Support Coalition (TASSC) and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC), published Nov 2013. 

As policymakers consider returning to comprehensive immigration reform, a new report released today by the Center for Victims of Torture (CVT) and the Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition International (TASSC) estimates the U.S. government, from October 2010 to February 2013, detained approximately 6,000 survivors of torture as they were seeking asylum protection.  

According to Tortured & Detained: Survivor


Doctors Who Torture accountability project

The purpose of this site is to show and promote progress in encouraging physicians, courts, and medical licensing boards to be more active in the movement to end torture.

Fact Sheet on Female Genital Mutilation or Cutting

This Fact Sheet, created by the U.S. State Department, is available in English, Amharic, Arabic, Bahasa, French, Swahili, Somali, and Tigrinya. It provides brief information on the definition of FGM or FGC, its health effects, the illegal nature of the practice in the U.S., and the immigration and other legal consequences of FGM/C.