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We have updated our membership and creating an eLearning Subscriber option to increase access to our online eLearning courses. You can select to either become a Member or an eLearning Subscriber by filling out the form below.

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If you are from a Survivor of Torture (SOT) Program, please provide that name and your organization’s name. Please do not use acronyms as they vary state to state, country to country. If you are from a large organization but from a program within, please let us know both names.
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Listserv: Heal_Torture_Talk Google Group (see details below)
The listserv aims to facilitate cooperation and information-sharing among programs serving torture survivors, promote best practices, and provide quick access to people with relevant interests and experiences.
Newsletter (see details below)
The newsletter includes emails of 1) our Quarterly Digest, Healing Focus, which is intended for all refugee and SOT service organizations. These digests feature in-depth news and information related to torture rehabilitation, holistic sustainability, and integrated care. 2) Upcoming webinar and training information; and 3) other important technical updates.
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