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Non-Competing Continuation Applications are due 4/26/16. The directions to complete that application through GrantSolutions are in the letter all granted agencies recently received from ACF.

The Semi-Annual report for the reporting period of 10/01/15 – 3/31/16 is due on 4/30/16 at 11:59pm EST.

All reports should be submitted directly to

Instructions and tips for reporting in 2016 are here.


The Grants Center of Excellence hosted a webinar in 2013 to explain how to use GrantSolutions. From that webinar:

For assistance with GrantSolutions, you can contact their helpdesk:

Performance measurement

For proper performance measurement, please review the ORR Phase Two Performance Measures: Program Outcomes and Indicators Working Definitions. You will also find significant guidance available in the evaluation section of this website.


ORR grantees receiving Survivors of Torture funds are expected to determine eligibility for SOT services according to the definition given in the United States Torture Victims Relief Act legislation. Proof of eligibility should be reflected in the client file in a consistent format. Two documents were created by ORR SOT program staff to aid programs in making this determination for each potential client.

The first one is policy guidance.

The second one is a sample eligibility form.

If you still have questions about whether a specific potential client fits the definition, you can contact ORR staff directly or use the NCB listserv (without divulging any patient health information or other identifying information) for peer guidance.

Documents for ORR Reporting

The ORR reporting process is currently in Pilot Project Mode. For the most recent documents, please consult the ORR report forms website. For your convenience we have provided links to the reporting forms. These files were current as of October 13, 2010. The instructions (marked with a *) were updated on June 1, 2010; the ethnicity listing was revised on October 6, 2010; and the other files have not been changed since November 2009.

ACF-OGM-SF-PPR Coversheet/Attachment B


* ORR-ZT-SF-PPR-B Instructions - PDF

ORR OLDC Country of Origin Listing

ORR OLDC Ethnicity Listing - Revised October 2010

ORR OLDC Religion Categories

Form SF-425 (in PDF format or in Excel format) with instructions in PDF format. For more information on the transition from form SF-269 to SF-425, see this ORR page.

Links to ORR Government Web Pages

ORR Home Page

ORR Services for Survivors of Torture background

ORR Services for Survivors of Torture current contact information

ORR Reporting Requirements

ORR Technical Assistance
In order to assist ORR-funded torture treatment agencies in providing the highest quality in services, ORR has funded two technical assistance grants to organizations with expertise in a particular area. Technical assistance providers can help in a number of ways, depending on the provider’s time and funding constraints and the recipient agency’s particular needs. 
1) National Capacity Building Project for Specialized Torture Treatment Centers
The Center for Victims of Torture offers national technical assistance through resources, training, and networking opportunities specifically targeted to specialized torture treatment centers.
2) National Partnership for Community Training for Immigrant Service Providers
Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services provides comprehensive community needs assessment and training in areas of the country where no torture treatment centers exist.

Program Office Contact

Tim Kelly
Project Manager, Survivors of Torture Program
Office of Refugee Resettlement
Administration for Children and Families
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