Working With Survivors of Torture - The Mind-Body Connection: eConsultation


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Thursday, 24 May 2018


Many clients seen by programs that work with survivors of torture experience chronic pain, anxiety, and other symptoms long after their traumatic experience. This two-part mini-course will focus on the role of the mind-body connection in the treatment of survivors of torture in both individual and group settings.  In the first session our presenters will provide an outline of concepts and approaches regarding the clinical application of meditation, physical therapy, and yoga with survivors of torturefollowed by a thirty minute question and answer period. The presenters will discuss the benefits of working within an interdisciplinary team.

Session Two:  An overview of trauma-informed meditation, yoga, and physical therapy as approaches to consider in the treatment of survivors of torture.  The presenters will engage participants in techniques of each discipline in this participatory webinar. 


Staff of all disciplines and particularly clinical and administrative staff are encouraged to attend.

After this MIW, you will be able to:

  1. List personal (e.g., chronic pain, anxiety) and relational (e.g., sense of connection and community) issues that can be addressed by mind body interventions
  2. Describe how mind body interventions can be used effectively with survivors of torture
  3. Implement brief meditation, postural awareness, and self- massage techniques which can be used with clients.

The Where to Find document (below) ndicates where the different exercises start. It may be useful in viewing the recording. 


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