Annual Self-Assessment: Using the NCB "Matrix" to Your Advantage

This webinar, from January 31, 2013, features Carol White, NCB Project Manager.

This webinar is part of the National Capacity Building (NCB) webinar series. NCB is a project of the Center for Victims of Torture.


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Thursday, 31 January 2013


NCB has been using an organizational development tool originally developed by World Learning to help SOT programs develop a habit of annual self-assessment, leading to priorities for technical assistance and capacity-building.   This week your organization will receive the 2013 NCB Guide to Services and Resources which has as its first Tab “Technical Assistance Needs Assessment”.  This is where you find the that tool—the “Matrix”--and our recommended process.  Our deadline of Jan. 31 has been extended to February 28th, in order to give you time to use it in a meaningful way for your program. Over the last 3 years NCB awarded 47 sub-grants, based on these assessments, technical assistance plans and a sub-grant application.  

Sadly, our reduced funding no longer allows us to award sub-grants.  However, we still think it’s important for SOT organizations to engage in an internal process of self-assessment and organizational improvement. We will use completed Matrices to help us understand what areas of technical assistance might be most useful in FY13.  Some SOT programs have used the “Matrix” very effectively to tell a story about where they are in a continuous process of organizational development.  

This webinar will introduce you to some SOT program leaders who have used the “Matrix” meaningfully as a measuring stick and a tool for an internal conversation and a conversation with a funder (us!).   

At the end of this webinar you will have learned the following:
1.    How to use the “Matrix” with a group of people in your program to determine current organizational strengths and weaknesses and areas for increasing organizational capacity.
2.    How to use the comments boxes to breathe life into quantitative ratings and tell a story about your organization
3.    How to go from a completed “matrix” to one or more specific areas for improvement during the year.


Carol White is the outgoing manager of CVT’s National Capacity-building Project.  She has worked at CVT since 2000, managing the NCB project since 2004. She has a B.A. in psychology and an M.A. in early childhood education from Stanford University, and a Masters in Public Health from the University of Minnesota. She has managed primary care clinics and agencies for underserved populations (homeless adults and families, urban adolescents, low income urban pregnant women) in Minnesota for nine years previously.  She was the developer of a new homelessness prevention program that in 1993 received one of 10 national pilot program funding awards and subsequently received honorable mention in the first “Models that Work” competition sponsored by the federal Bureau of Primary Care. At CVT Carol also managed the Minnesota Mainstream Project, training health and human services providers across the state, and the Trauma Healing Initiative, a four year clinical train-the-trainers project in Cambodia.


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