Stories from the Field 1

This episode of Stories from the Field features Svang Tor from the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, and Megan Berthold from the Program for Torture Victims in Los Angeles, speaking about what brought them to work in the field of torture treatment. Tor, a survivor of the Killing Fields in Cambodia, talks about the loss and difficulty of her arrival in the United States in 1981, but how her grandfather's exhortation to "do good" inspired her to work with torture survivors. To do good, "You don't need money. You just need your heart." Berthold was mentored by Tor early on in her psychiatric career, and has continued to collaborate with her and her colleagues on research and oral history. Berthold's volunteer experience in Nepal gave her cross-cultural interests that extended through her professional development. Berthold talks briefly about doing forensic assessments, expert witness testimony, and therapy, and how she uses a mindfulness approach to help her stay in this meaningful work, and takes a strengths-based approach to healing and inspiration.


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