Motivational Interviewing Part 1: Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

In part 1 of this four-part series on Motivational Interviewing, the presenter, Ed Stellon (MS, MA, CADC), provides an introduction to the topic. Stellon introduces the audience to the eight stages of learning motivational interviewing, and to the concept that for change to occur, the individual must be ready, willing, and able. Emphasis is placed on the spirit of motivational interviewing versus using a particular list of specific techniques. Stellon works with a volunteer to provide a quick demonstration of what motivational interviewing is NOT, and then debriefs to give a perspective of how our natural enthusiasm for change, and the "Righting Reflex", can be damaging to motivation. He then works with another volunteer to demonstrate briefly what motivational interviewing IS. Stellon reviews the underlying assumptions of motivational interviewing. Finally, Stellon provides a tool for motivational interviewing, the "Readiness Ruler", and demonstrates it with another example of motivational interviewing.

This presentation was recorded at the Meeting Social Services Needs in the Current Climate training institute held in Evanston, IL in August 2012.


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