COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Index by The Surgo Fundation

The Surgo Foundation has created a COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Index that identifies which communities may need the most support as coronavirus takes hold. As our clients fit vulnerability indicators, we thought you might find this useful. From the website:

How this index can be used

  • By identifying highly vulnerable areas, this index can help inform policies and resource allocation. For example:
  • Local social services and non-profit organizations: Guide allocation of limited resources such as food banks or meal delivery services to the areas that need them most.
  • Policymakers at county and state levels: Support contingency planning and inform choices about what types of public services should be directed where.
  • Private sector companies: Direct efforts to support COVID-19 relief, such as providing ride-sharing for healthcare providers or free meal deliveries where they are most needed.
  • General public: Understand your community’s vulnerability and advocate for resources with your government.



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very interesting, but I would

very interesting, but I would like to more about how the index is applied

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