Physicians for Human Rights: Watch their Science-driven Solutions for Combating COVID-19 webinars

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Tuesday, July 7th to Wednesday, September 30th

Please join us in an online, open forum on telehealth. NCB is providing an opportunity for clinicians to ask each other questions, share observations and adapted telehealth protocols for the SoT population via an online forum and technical exchange. This conversation will be a forum for peer-led informational exchange. NCB staff will assist in facilitating and monitoring the conversation.

Directions: Please watch Eugene Augusterfer’s presentation and interview Telemedicine in Mental Health first. Then feel free to join us in this open forum. All are welcome to join this forum, whether you have an account on or not. For more information on using the forum, please read the directions on the first post. Please keep your comments respectful, relevant, factual, and do not share identifying information about clients per client privacy and HIPAA regulations. This forum will be open from July 6, 2020 through September 30, 2020.

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Science-driven Solutions for Combating COVID-19: Mental Health Impacts with Dr. Gail Saltz and Dr. Kerry Sulkowicz

On April 2, 2020, in the third installment of their ongoing webinar series, “Science-driven Solutions for Combating COVID-19,” psychiatrists and PHR board members Drs. Gail Saltz and Kerry Sulkowicz held a discussion on the mental health impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. This discussion focuses on tips for self-care as we adapt to the new norms of physical distancing, working from home, and as some of us face anxieties related to the uncertainty of the pandemic. Watch their webinar here.

Science-driven Solutions for Combating COVID-19: Dr. Josh Lerner and Dr. Ranit Mishori

On March 27, 2020, PHR Senior Medical Advisor Dr. Ranit Mishori spoke with Dr. Joshua Lerner, an attending emergency department physician at the University of Massachusetts Memorial HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital, in an exclusive briefing about working on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. Watch their webinar here.

Science-driven Solutions for Combating COVID-19: Dr. Michele Heisler and Laurie Garrett

On March 19, 2020, PHR medical director Dr. Michele Heisler held a Q&A with science writer and founder of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Global Health Program Laurie Garrett. The discussion addresses how governments and health professionals can fight the coronavirus while preserving human rights. Watch their webinar here.

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Friday, 03 April 2020

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