Mohammad Al Abdallah

Mohammad Al Abdallah
Executive Director
Mohammad Al Abdallah is a Syrian human rights and pro-democracy researcher and activist; He received a Bachelor’s of Law from the Faculty of Law at the Lebanese University in 2007, and a Master’s of Public Policy from George Mason University in 2014. He worked as a research assistant for Human Rights Watch in Beirut from 2007 to 2009, where he covered Syria.
Al Abdallah is a former political prisoner who was imprisoned in Syria on two different occasions (facing military trial in both cases) for his work defending human rights and lobbying for political reform. He moved to the United States in February 2009 after he was granted political asylum.
He is currently Executive Director, Syria Justice & Accountability Center (SJAC.) SJAC is a center that aims to collect, collate, receive, process, analyze, and securely store information and evidence, documentation and other materials relating to violations of humanitarian law and human rights in Syria, and make the documentation available and accessible for future justice mechanisms. 
Mohammad has traveled extensively in the past year trying to put the Syrian revolution on the agenda of the most important political and human rights actors. In March 2012, he testified at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva about the human rights situation in Syria.