Survivor Wellness Center, International Rescue Committee in Denver

The IRC in Denver’s Survivor Wellness Center promotes full rehabilitation for primary and secondary survivors of torture, with integrated holistic services that use a strengths-based approach. Services for survivors include in-house case management to address basic needs, build community awareness and connect to resources; psychosocial support to cultivate strong social support mechanisms and address cultural adjustment, stress management and trauma processing needs; legal assistance through pro bono providers to pursue asylum and other forms of legal protection; and assistance with referrals and navigation to access primary and specialty medical care, individual therapy and group therapy. Operating within the context of a resettlement agency, in addition to survivor-specific supports, the Survivor Wellness Center is able to assist eligible survivors in tapping into an array of wraparound services that contribute to their ability to stabilize and achieve longer-term community integration.


1873 S. Bellaire St., 5th Floor,
Denver, CO 80222

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Do you have to be a survivor of torture to be eligible for your services?: 


Referral Information: 

Please email or call 720.328.6655.

Services Provided: 

  • Legal Services
  • Medical Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Social Services

Expanded details of program’s services: 

We provide in-house clinical care coordination for mental health and medical care, with actual treatment provided through community partners. Legal and social services are provided in-house. In addition to the above, we also offer psychosocial support, financial capability, job readiness, and youth programming and supports for survivors.

Key Partners in Direct Care (Please send referrals to healing center first): 

Key partners in the mental health domain are many, but primarily the University of Denver’s Trauma and Disaster Recovery Clinic. For medical, we work closely with Denver Health and STRIDE Community Health Centers.

If someone is not eligible for your services do you assist with local referrals?: