Planning, Evaluation, Monitoring and Research eLearning Series

This five-lesson series, developed by CVT's Partners in Trauma Healing (PATH) project in collaboration with the National Capacity Building Project (NCB), explains Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research (PMER), giving participants a shared understanding of the basics of PMER.

Each of the five lessons contains the following components, in this order:

  • Pre-test to measure your current knowledge
  • eLearning to educate and inform
  • Assessment to measure your post-eLearning knowledge (embedded at the end of the eLearning)
  • Additional Resources to allow for further study
Please complete the lesson components in the order listed (Pre-Test, eLearning, Assessment, Additional Resources). Your Pre-Test and Assessment scores will automatically submit to NCB, which allows us to see how much this series helps participants  increase their knowledge about core PMER information. This data allows us to meet our technical assistance objectives so we can continue providing support to you in the important work you do with survivors of torture. User names are kept confidential and are only used to identify Pre-Test and Assessment scores; individual scores are not shared. Your Certificate of Completion will be sent to you via e-mail within seven business days of passing the lesson assessment with a score of 80% or greater. You may complete the PMER Feedback Form after each lesson, or at the end of the course.
For optimal performance, we recommend using the Chrome Browser. If you experience technical difficulties, please contact Sara Bracewell, at NCB. You must be signed in as a member to access the eLearning lessons. If you are not a member, please request membership here:
PMER Lessons

PMER Lesson 1: Intro

PMER Lesson 2: Planning

PMER Lesson 3: Monitoring

PMER Lesson 4: Evaluation

PMER Lesson 5: Research

PMER Feedback Form