Part 1 - Introduction to Solution Focused Counseling

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Tuesday, July 7th to Wednesday, September 30th

Please join us in an online, open forum on telehealth. NCB is providing an opportunity for clinicians to ask each other questions, share observations and adapted telehealth protocols for the SoT population via an online forum and technical exchange. This conversation will be a forum for peer-led informational exchange. NCB staff will assist in facilitating and monitoring the conversation.

Directions: Please watch Eugene Augusterfer’s presentation and interview Telemedicine in Mental Health first. Then feel free to join us in this open forum. All are welcome to join this forum, whether you have an account on or not. For more information on using the forum, please read the directions on the first post. Please keep your comments respectful, relevant, factual, and do not share identifying information about clients per client privacy and HIPAA regulations. This forum will be open from July 6, 2020 through September 30, 2020.

In part 1 of this three-part series on Solution Focused Counseling, the presenter, Mary Bunn (LCSW), defines solution focused counseling and reviews its key features and applications.

Mary Bunn defines solution-focused (or task-focused) counseling as a short-term, practicel, strengths-based approach that focuses on identifying client concerns. She goes on to address the key features of this approach:

* It is resilience- and strengths-focused
* It's action-oriented, not insight-focused
* It is present-focused rather than examining the client's past
* It uses a collaborative relationship
* It breaks problems into manageable pieces, and focuses on only one problem at a time

Bunn notes that this approach is especially helpful in the initial stage of treatment.

This presentation was recorded at the Meeting Social Services Needs in the Current Climate training institute held in Evanston, IL in August 2012.


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