Knowledge and quality of life in female torture survivors

Pabilonia W, Combs SP, Cook PF. Torture. 2010;20(1):4-22.

Immigrant women represent disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the torture survivor population.They tend to be isolated and have negative coping strategies resulting in poor health and well-being. The purpose of this pilot study is to develop and evaluate an educational and interactive women's health-based programme using health promotion and empowerment strategies, with the intent of using the knowledge gained to contribute to an ongoing women's health programme.

Little is currently known about health-based interventions for the vulnerable population of female torture survivors. Public health nurses and other professionals who work with this population have a unique opportunity to influence behavior change and promote empowerment in this population. The techniques employed in this study can be used by public health nurses as a basis for designing women's health-based programmes at other torture treatment centres throughout the world.

Link is to full article, available for free.


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