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Tucson Center promotes group healing

Story by CVT volunteer Patricia Busse

Bringing survivors of torture together into groups is such a key part of the work at the International Rescue Committee in Tucson, Ariz., the organization has pushed to overcome obstacles like cultural stigma and mistrust to do it, said interim executive director

HealthRight International’s Human Rights Clinic serves torture survivors across the country

Story by CVT volunteer Patricia Busse

How does an operation with a full-time staff of just three reach 400 clients annually in more than 10 states?

The Human Rights Clinic (HRC) at New York City-based HealthRight International does it by enlisting the help of more than 300 HRC-trained volunteer

Attorneys, Mental Health Professionals Team Up at Massachusetts Center

Story by CVT volunteer Patricia Busse

It’s not typical for attorneys and mental health professionals to serve clients as a team, but lawyer Deirdre Giblin said she couldn’t imagine handling her asylum and refugee cases—often involving incidents of trauma and torture—any other way.