Healing centers

There are Healing Centers in the United States and in other countries of the world. Please review the Domestic and International maps to learn more about Healing Centers or to find a Healing Center near you.

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Treating trauma by ‘doing’

Story by CVT volunteer Patricia Busse

Clients at Chicago’s Heartland Alliance Marjorie Kovler Center have found themselves chopping onions, digging in a garden and even beekeeping as part of therapy sessions coordinated by Occupational Therapist Mary Black.
Black started as a volunteer at the Kovler

Utah center expands options for treating chronic pain

Story by CVT volunteer Patricia Busse

It was a common scenario at Utah’s Health and Human Rights.

A client would come in complaining of pain in their joints and their neck, and additional pain medication wasn’t helping.

Tucson Center promotes group healing

Story by CVT volunteer Patricia Busse

Bringing survivors of torture together into groups is such a key part of the work at the International Rescue Committee in Tucson, Ariz., the organization has pushed to overcome obstacles like cultural stigma and mistrust to do it, said interim executive