Conducting your evaluation

As you conduct your evaluation, you will need to accommodate factors of cultural differences between your participants, and within your staff.  The list of possible factors in the American Evaluation Association resource may help you identify possible issues within your own evaluation.  

Every process involving data collection and storage has specific ethical requirements.  These resources help you review the basic standards as well as best practices.

American Evaluation Association Guiding Principles For Evaluators

The American Evaluation Association provides resources and guidance on the process of Evaluation for any organizational setting.  They provide a detailed list of principles and ethical standards which apply to any Evaluation process.   These guidelines include ways to inform colleagues and clients of the standards and principles that will be upheld during evaluation.

Measurement, Assessment, and Data in a Cross-Cultural Context: Making Sure Your Data Informs, and Doesn't Hurt, Your Services and Program

Greg Vinson provides an overview of the process to collect and analyze data, with sensitivity to unique concerns in cross-cultural settings. He describes how cross-cultural factors can affect accuracy of measures; and how clients may have a different understanding of question content and scaled response choices. He reviews methods to ensure recorded measures are reliable and valid, while accommodating factors of cross-cultural settings. Reviews the practical benefits of demonstrating measures, with a guided example.