Client Data Toolkit: Implementation

Implementing a Client Data Management System

The steps required to implement a new management system will depend on the type of system that you purchase. Online web applications will require less setup and ongoing maintenance than a product that is purchased and installed in your office (on-premise).

Database Planning Guide From TechSoup

TechSoup has published an excellent Database Planning Guide and made it available for free in PDF format. It includes templates, worksheets, questionnaires and many other resource. The Database Planning Guide is specifically geared to small to medium sized non-profit organizations with an average operating budget of less than 2 million dollars per year and fewer than 30 staff on site. It was written for the person responsible for assessing and determining “the best” way to address your agency’s database needs and solutions. Although parts of this methodology can be used by larger organizations, the authors recommend that larger groups consider hiring a database consultant or refer to resources designed to assist larger organizations. The authors do not recommend this guide for the following types of organizations:

  • It is not for organizations that want to continue using already existing custom-built software. If you want to continue with your existing systems the authors suggest that you contact vendors who develop and offer support for those systems, and work with them to update your database.
  • It is not for agencies with UNIX, LINUX or mainframe systems.
  • It is not for agencies with custom accounting packages that work with a limited number of database products. As recommended above, the authors suggest you contact the accounting vendor and identify consultants who can work with your system.

Articles on Implementing an EHR/EMR in Behavioral Healthcare Settings

Privacy of Protected Health Information: How Will You Keep the Data Private?

Please refer to the government Resources for the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA, Title II) listed below for information on HIPAA regulations.

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