The Capital Area Healing Coalition

HIAS and the Asylum Seeker Assistance Project (ASAP) have designed an integrated model that serves refugees, asylum-seekers, asylees, immigrants, and other displaced populations who survived state-sponsored torture in their countries of origin. Our agencies, have joined to form the Capital Area Healing Coalition, integrating our intake, case management, monitoring and evaluation, and outreach throughout the greater D.C. area. The formation of this Coalition provides an opportunity to rethink the traditional torture treatment approach, which has failed to provide survivors of torture (SOT) with strengths-based, holistic social services that focus on healing and recovery. Instead, the Coalition’s approach is grounded in the belief that SOT are not defined solely by their trauma, and that community and social connections are essential components of overall psychosocial well-being. HIAS is leading and managing the Coalition, drawing upon its expertise at healing and integration of SOT throughout the U.S., and providing stability to SOT through legal status, while ASAP will provide clinical case management to the Coalition’s clients.


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