Outcome Based Evaluation: Planning, Process & Implementation


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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Joan Othieno, PhD, reviews the stages needed to plan an evaluation of your center’s outcomes.   She reviews the key benefits of performing an evaluation.   She defines terminology, including the distinction between evaluating a process and evaluating different types of outcomes.   She provides examples that may help you choose an item to measure for your own outcomes evaluation.  She describes how to use a logic model  and concept maps to define your own assumptions and goals.  She provides numerous examples of program objectives: these may help you define objectives for your own evaluation.

This presentation was given at the 2011 NCB Institute on Practicing Outcome Evaluation for Torture Survivor Programs.



Good standalone .ppt of the logic model method for eval planning

<p>This copy of the .ppt used during a live presentation gives a good overview of how to do evaluation planning using a logic model format.&nbsp; Good resource for program planners who are not evaluation professionals, so it can be done in a participatory process involving many staff.&nbsp;</p>

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