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Psychological and Psychiatric Opinions in Asylum Applications: Ten Frequently Asked Questions by Fact Finders

Uwe Jacobs, Ph.D. and Stuart Lustig, MD, MPH. Bender's Immigration Bulletin. (2010, 4 pp.) Article available on the Survivors International website, on the Publications page.

The paper addresses the frequent concerns and questions from asylum officers and immigration judges that have arisen in the authors’ interactions with immigration officers and legal professionals involved in asylum law.


Should discrepant accounts given by asylum seekers be taken as proof of deceit?

Jane Herlihy, DClinPsych and Stuart Turner, MD, BChir, MA. TORTURE Journal, Volume 16, No. 2, 2006

The consistency of an asylum-seeker’s account has become a central question in determining asylum status. One of the ways in which credibility is judged by decision makers is the assessment of the account given by the claimant of his or her experiences of persecution. The authors address one area of decision making regarding judgments of credibility which seems not to be based on the best scientific knowledge, but on incorrect lay assumptions about how memory works.

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